The Oppressive Sands

The Oppressive Sands

The party arrived in Balic on the fourth day of the “Reclamation Carnival,” the holiday celebrating Sorcerer-King Andropinis’ victorious arrival into the city over 2,000 years ago, rescuing it from the savagery and taint of the outside world. Merchant houses opened wide the doors of their homes, the Arena was at the height of it’s season with days of bloody sport, and the whole area seems rife with festivities uncharacteristic of the harsh desert planet.

The heroes were not among the revelers however. They were in jail alongside numerous other newly imprisoned slaves of Balic.

The days of fighting in the Arena had taken a heavy toll on the city’s slave reserves, and they had been brought to the bowels of the coliseum to take part in the final day of gladiatorial combat. The dark cells were stiflingly hot, filled with rotted hay strewn about and stagnant air. A single beam of light entered the prison from a slim, barred window at the top of the cell that faced into the arena.”

In the cage at the end of a long line of cells were five mismatched occupants, each interred for different reasons:

*The wiry, wild-eye Tiefling was donated to the city by his master after a Templar approached him to excise a slave tax from the noble. The Tiefling, Phyrrus, had left the good graces of his master after lashing out, and ruining a palette of fine silks during the trip into the city.

*Two younger females, a Half-Elf named Ka’si and her adopted Human sister Ka’lya were huddled together in one corner after being caught stealing in the marketplace.

*A young Thri-Kreen warrior hunched awaiting his turn in the arena. The sole survivor of his birth clutch, Bo’bika entered Balic in search of strong new companions. He found that the strongest fighters could be found in the arena, and a Templar was all too happy to escort him to his current lodging.

*The final member stood out. Sharos, an Eladrin, seemed least comfortable confined in the confined cell away from the open sky. None of the other prisoners had ever seen a being of his kind, but none paid him too much attention, as they had their own problems to deal with.



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